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About Pauline Lothian Designs

Many thanks for visiting Pauline Lothian Designs.

I have a passion for Harris Tweed and welcome the opportunity to share it with you. From the beautiful aesthetics through to the durability of the cloth, it is clear why it continues to grow in popularity globally.

My business is based in East Lothian, Scotland, and provides both domestic and international customers with a range of accessories and gifts.

I value my customers and strive to grow on the back of repeat business and "word of mouth". With this in mind, I am delighted to offer the following customer commitments:

  1. I only use Harris Tweed cloth in our tweed products.
  2. All of my Harris Tweed products are made by hand in Scotland, with care and a great commitment to quality.
  3. My philosophy is that the Harris Tweed cloth should be allowed to "speak for itself" and designs should be simple and elegant. In addition, products should always respect the heritage of the cloth.
  4. I always use the best quality and most suitable materials for the task in hand.
  5. I only list products for sale that I have in stock.
  6. Purchases will be dispatched prompty, usually within one working day.
  7. Customer feedback is both welcome and appreciated.